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Keep up to date in Mrs. Mercer's English class.
2006-2007 school year

Thank you for visiting my site.  The school year hasn't begun yet so I have little to post.  I have a few things you may want to check out for the upcoming year.
  • Syllabus
  • Prepositions: This is one list you may use.  You may also refer to your student grammar books for a list in there.
  • Book List: Suggested classic books to use for book reports.


Mercer’s Lesson Plans                                       October 23  - October 27, 2006








12th Grade

H.S. 26

W. P. 43-49

H.S. 27

W.P. 49-54

H.S. 28

W.P. 55

*Test on Units 1-26

H.S. 29

W.P. 57


*Voc. Quiz

H.S. 30

W.P. 58

*Quiz on 27-28

10th Grade

P. 123-125

*Test on units 1-6

Unit 14

P. 237-242

*Voc. Quiz

*Quiz on Unit 14

9th Grade


*Quiz on 104-116




*Quiz on 117-122

*Voc 9 Quiz

8th Grade

P. 70-71

*Quiz on 58-70




*Voc 9 Quiz


7th Grade



*Quiz on 57-61


*Voc 9 Quiz

11th Grade

H.S. 19

W.P. 24


*Test on 5, 16-17, 19

H.S. 7

W.P. 26

* Voc Quiz

*Quiz on S.7


Planning Period

Planning Period

Study Hall

Planning Period

Planning Period



Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

        Read ahead for next day

        Write 35 Prepositions 3 times each

        Write Vocabulary twice



        Vocabulary Exercises


Mrs. Mercer’s

Term Projects


October 20, 2006

            VFW Essay Contest

9th – 12th : Freedom’s Challenge

            Ex: Must always be protected

                  Can be abused

        3-5 Minute speech (about 3-4 typed pages)

        Must hand in typed copy

        12pt. Times New Roman

        Double Space

        No color

        No graphics

        Title Page only

7th – 8th : Citizenship in America

        300-400 Words


        12pt. Times New Roman

        No color

        No graphics


October 17, 2006 9th – 12th Grades only

            Revised Book Review

Due to some errors in our last report I am extending the time for the book report so everyone can fix their papers before final grading.

            Format of All Papers must be:


        12 pt. Times New Roman

        Double Space

        Title Page or Header

        Review – Do not summarize

o       Review a character or characters

o       Review the author’s writing techniques

o       Review plot believability

        Always give a work cited page

        Use quotation marks around anything taken from the book (ex: dates, facts, direct quotes)

        All papers should have a title






October 31, 2006 (all classes)


        20 – 30 lines


        About the scariest thing ever


November 17, 2006 (all classes)

            Short Essay: Thankfulness

        1 typed page

        12 pt. Times New Roman

        Double spaced

        Anything you want to write about that centers around the topic “Thankfulness”




December 8, 2006 (7th – 12th Grade)

            All classes will read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

            Second book review due

            Same rules as the previous one



Format of All Papers must always always always be:


        12 pt. Times New Roman

        Double Space

        Title Page or Header





Pictures from '05-'06 Literature class

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