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Glennville Christian Academy

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Mrs. McFarland 1st Grade
Mrs. Driggers 3rd Grade
Miss Skeens 4th Grade
Mr. Brock 5th & 6th Grade
Mrs. Cox Math
Mr. Christensen High School
Mr. Stalls Junior High
Mrs. Stalls English, Music, Spanish
Mrs. Baldwin English, Social Studies
Mrs. Harden K5

Information on August 4, 2006 Orientation

Firday, August 4, 2006
  • K4-6th           4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • 7th - 12th       6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Attendance is mandatory and no student will be allowed to attend class until a parent has participated in orientation.  If there are circumstances that will absolutely prevent your attendance, please call the school office to arrange an alternative session.

Monday and Tuesday, August 7-8, will be teacher in-service days.  The first full day of classes will be Wednesday, August 9.

K4 Mrs. Linda Keith 3rd Mrs. Deanna Driggers
K5 Mrs. Ellen Harden 4th Ms. Tiffanie Skeens
1st Mrs. Jessica McFarland 5th Mrs. Debbie Brooks
2nd  Mrs. Brigette Sapp 6th Mr. Joseph Brock
High School: Mr. Lee Christensen
Mrs. Laura Cox
Mrs. Sara Mercer
Mrs. Chanda Stalls
Mr. Leon Stalls
Dr. Paul Thompson
Principal:  Mrs. Earline Thompson
Book Prices:
K4 $121.85 4th $194.00 9th *$176.20
K5 $136.45 5th $194.45 10th *$181.55
1st $209.40 6th $154.50 11th $152.00
2nd $194.90 7th *$136.30 12th $141.90
3rd $183.70 8th *$135.85

If you have used books that you plan to use please bring them to orientation and the teacher will check them to be sure they are compatible, and let the office know which books to credit you for during the in-service days.


K4- If you have a kidnapper from day care that you plan to use you may deduct $25.00 from your book fees.


*7th – 10th – Curriculum for the technology classes has not yet been purchased.  Fees will be assigned when the purchase is made.


12th – If you have your Handbook of Grammar and Composition from last year and plan to use it this year, you may deduct $14.50 from your book price.


Contact office for more details 654-3034.